Heidi Stoops

Heidi Stoops

Heidi Stoops
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From the Office of: Aliso Viejo
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26711 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 200A
Aliso Viejo, CA   92656
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Areas Served:   Aliso Viejo
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Specialties: Equity Sales
First Time Home Buyers
Getting top dollar for sellers
Short Sales
Designations: Realtor

Caring, Committed, Confident

There’s a world of difference between Middle Tennessee and Southern California. But somehow or other, Heidi Stoops manages to bring them together, to bridge the gap. She connects traditional southern hospitality with south Orange County assurance—definitely a rare combination!

“I was fortunate to be born into a loving family and to have had an extremely happy childhood,” Heidi says. (Ask her about summers spent with her grandparents in a small town near Nashville.) Then she adds: “Growing up in the South, I learned a lot about hospitality, about caring for others, about what really matters.” In the fullest sense of the phrase, Heidi is a “people person.”

Her Natural Inclination

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations at Middle Tennessee State University, she followed her natural inclination to help others and entered the hotel industry. In various capacities over the course of two decades—including high-level management positions—she refined her customer-service and communication skills. “It was all about understanding people’s needs and expectations, then following through to make sure they were met,” Heidi says. She doesn’t claim to have a big heart, but anyone who knows Heidi well sees clearly that she’s an intensely caring individual.

Family, Friends, Favorite Pastimes

In the personal realm, Heidi’s caring, hospitable nature is focused on family and friends. She delights in time spent with husband Adam and daughter Jessica. Dining out and visiting theme parks are favorite pastimes. So is entertaining groups of friends at home—demonstrating southern hospitality at its finest. Heidi and Adam enjoy wine-tasting forays as well. Complementing her passion for music, Heidi even loves to tap dance. And, as often as possible, the Stoops pay their respects to family back in Tennessee. In a community-service mode, all three of them invest time and energy in multiple sclerosis fund raising and in Habitat for Humanity projects.

Her Professional Foundation

Comfortably settled in south Orange County for more than a decade, Heidi has established herself as one of the area’s premier real estate professionals. There’s no question that she’s exceptionally knowledgeable and assured. But the foundation of Heidi’s success is her southern roots—that strong streak of hospitality and caring. “I really do take every transaction personally,” Heidi declares. “Getting the job done is very satisfying. I think it’s awesome to be able to make a major and a positive difference in people’s lives.” Throughout a home sale or purchase, Heidi maintains an unswerving commitment to clear communication, honed by her years in the hotel industry. Overall, her caring approach maximizes confidence and minimizes stress.

Heartfelt Service

Heidi begins by sitting down with her clients and helping them evaluate all aspects of their move. With precisely identified outcomes in mind, she formulates a customized plan of action. Then she follows through step-by-step, adjusting the process as necessary and providing frequent updates to her clients. Sellers count on her awareness of area real estate trends as well as her sophisticated pricing and marketing strategies. Buyers rely on her detailed knowledge of both coastal and inland communities. And all clients Heidi serves benefit from her heartfelt commitment to their real estate goals.

If you’re serious about selling or buying a home in south Orange County, connect with a Realtor® who’ll take your transaction personally in the best sense. No agent will be more devoted to honoring your best interests than Heidi Stoops. This Realtor® is Caring, Committed, Confident. So call her today to arrange a complimentary consultation.